How to avoid CO2 by giving your smartphone a second life ?

  • Date : 10 March 2023

Did you know that simply changing your phone every two years contributes to the production of tons of CO2 every year ? Indeed, the manufacture of a smartphone requires many natural resources, such as rare metals and ores, as well as energy for production and transportation. In addition, the disposal of e-waste can also be very polluting, due to the toxic substances contained in the electronic components.

That’s why giving your smartphone a second life is a simple and effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. Indeed, by extending the life of our phone, we avoid the production of new devices, thus reducing our impact on the environment.

Reselling your smartphone

There are several ways to give your smartphone a second life. First of all, it can be resold or given to a third party. By selling your phone, you can also recoup some of its value, which can be used to buy a new refurbished phone, or to invest in other eco-friendly products.

This is the case with ObyO, an application that takes care of buying back your old smartphone. Once bought, your phone will be reconditioned in Walloon Brabant and resold within the European Union. This will once again reduce CO2 emissions. In the case of devices that are too old, and always with the idea of extending their lifespan, these will be given to people in need to fight against the digital divide.

Recycling e-waste

Finally, it is also possible to recycle your phone in a responsible way, by taking it to a specific collection point for electronic waste. In this way, the electronic components will be recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

In short, giving your smartphone a second life is a simple and effective way to reduce our impact on the environment. By selling, donating or recycling your phone, you can help fight climate change and save money at the same time!