Your personal data, how we ensure their safe deletion!

  • Date : 10 March 2023

Personal data is the most valuable thing we have, whether it is family photos, passwords or messages exchanged. So it’s only natural to be concerned that this data could get into the wrong hands. Once you have sold your phone and therefore some of your private information on ObyO, it will be processed in our workshops at aSmartWorld, our specialist smartphone refurbishment company. aSmartWorld will ensure that all necessary measures are taken to protect your data from access, use or disclosure.

How is my data managed?

We understand that the security of your personal data is a major concern and we take this very seriously at aSmartWorld. When a phone is received in our shop, our team of professionals performs a thorough check to ensure that it is no longer connected to any account. We then use recognized testing software to erase all data on the phone and reset it to factory settings. We receive a certificate of validation of the deletion of information to ensure that all data has been correctly deleted.

A reliable process

We are proud to say that we treat all customers equally, whether they are individuals or businesses. We have a rigorous and reliable process in place to ensure the security of your personal data throughout the process. In addition, our staff cannot access or analyse private information on your device. So you can rest assured that your data is in good hands with aSmartWorld.

Choosing ObyO means choosing security for your data! All you have to do is download the app and sell your smartphone!