Make money with your unused phone !

Got an unused phone? Turn it into value with ObyO! Our app makes it simple and safe to sell your device, ensuring top value and a positive environmental impact. Quick, trustworthy, and impactful – that’s ObyO


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How does it work ?
In just 3 steps

Discover your smartphone’s trade-in value effortlessly from your couch! Let us guide you to easy rewards.

  • Discover Your Smartphone’s Value

    Download the ObyO app and run quick tests to estimate your phone’s value in under a minute! It’s simpler and faster than a game of CandyCrush!


  • Send it for Free

    Simply disconnect your iCloud/Google account, locate the nearest relay point, and send your phone. Remember to charge it above 50% before sending! ✌️


  • Treat Yourself

    After confirming your smartphone’s trade-in value, you’ll get your money via voucher or bank transfer – your choice. It’s like shopping for free! 😊



ObyO Advantage

Discover the top 6 reasons to sell your phone with ObyO and join the 1000+ who already have.

Fast & Efficient

Get your smartphone estimated and sold in under 3 minutes – guaranteed! It’s that simple and swift.

Tailored to You

Our personalized tests ensure you receive a fair price that truly reflects the value of your smartphone.

Unbeatable Value

With ObyO, rest assured you’re getting the best possible price for your phone – a deal you won’t find anywhere else!

Absolute Data Security

Your data is wiped clean using certified software, ensuring zero risk of it falling into the wrong hands. Safe and sound with ObyO!

Sustainability First

Our commitment at ObyO: Extend the life of your smartphone, minimizing environmental impact. Join us in making a difference!

Local Lifecycle

Every device we collect is reconditioned and reintroduced locally. No unexpected journeys or global detours – just responsible, local re-circulation with ObyO!

Got a question ?
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Any smartphone will lose its value if you keep it in a drawer for a long time, which makes no sense if it’s still functional and in good shape!

Did you know that if we took all the phones that are currently lying around in Belgian drawers, we would potentially have 3 million smartphones refurbished and back into circulation? If your device is less than 5 years old, we can give it a second chande by putting it back into circulation, which means participating in circular economy and having a positive impact.

Each ObyO partner store generates its own vouchers with its own unique conditions. If you have chosen a voucher from a partner store, it will be valid in their physical or online stores but it will not be valid in any other store, of course.

Yes, totally. however, you will need to install the ObyO app and follow the standard process, as with any other device you wish to resell.