Preparation for sale

Prepare your phone in advance

Want to give your appliance a second life ? Follow these 3 steps to prepare it :

  • Keep the ObyO app installed

    After validating the exact value of your phone on the app, do not delete the app ! ✅ Keep it installed until you drop/send your smartphone.


  • Disconnect your accounts !

    Leave no trace ! In our FAQs, you will find our explanations on how to properly log out of your accounts and delete your passwords. Don’t forget to back up your data first ! ????


  • Loaded device, treated device !

    Make sure that your smartphone is charged to at least 50% of its battery capacity before putting it in a parcel. If you no longer use the charger or other accessories, you can also send them in; we will be happy to receive them ! ♻️



Any more questions ?

It’s over here ↓

Directly at your favorite mobile store : App Store or Google Play.

The ObyO app is available for free and does not collect any of your data. 👌

Your smartphone should be charged to at least 50% of its battery. 🔋

It is not necessary to provide the charger or other accessories you have for your phone.

ut if you don’t need them anymore, we will gladly take them back ! You can drop them off/send them back with your device.