About ObyO

ObyO: The App Where You Sell Your Devices While They’re Still Valuable!

Is Your Smartphone Just Sitting in a Drawer?

You’re not alone. In Belgium, over 10 million smartphones are gathering dust – and the number keeps rising. We knew this needed a change.

Enter ObyO: a solution designed to reverse this trend with a strong focus on local environmental and social impacts.

ObyO: A Solution, One Phone at a Time:

Since its launch in May 2022, the ObyO app has swiftly established itself as a straightforward, quick, and secure solution. Successfully purchasing 1000+ smartphones, we’ve offered an average price of €150 per device!

The Ripple Effect of Giving Your Phone a Second Life

Imagine this: Millions of smartphones lying unused in drawers. Even more concerning is that 85% of Belgians replace their smartphones while the old ones still work perfectly, contributing to electronic waste and missed opportunities for reuse. Let’s change this together with ObyO!

In a world facing a climate crisis, widening social inequalities, and a squeeze on purchasing power, providing a practical solution is more crucial than ever.  Selling your smartphone through ObyO is simple, secure, and significantly impactful. It’s never been this easy to earn money while positively contributing to both the environment and society. The only step left? Take the leap with ObyO!