About ObyO

ObyO is the app that allows individuals to sell their devices before losing their value.

Do you have an unused smartphone in a drawer?

You are not an isolated case, there are 10 million sleeping there in Belgium, and this number is growing!

This situation deserved a solution that would be able to reverse the trend while prioritising the local environmental and social impact.

One-by-one, ObyO provides an answer:

Born in May 2022, the ObyO app has proven itself to be a simple, fast and secure solution, buying back a few hundred smartphones at an average price of €175!

It’s easy-peasy!

How does it work ? Nothing could be simpler: Just download the ObyO app on your smartphone and find out its value in 1 minute.

Satisfied? Select the shipping method via DHL, our trusted logistics partner, print the label received by email and ship your smartphone in complete security. As soon as we receive it in our workshop in Walloon Brabant, the value is confirmed and payment is made. It’s as easy as child’s play and can be very profitable! Couldn’t be simplier, plus can pay off big time!

The impact of a second life for your phone

10 million smartphones in the drawers is a lot (too much)! An even more disturbing figure: in 85% of cases, Belgians change their smartphone while the old one is still functional! That’s 1,700,000 smartphones cluttering up our drawers every year when they could still be used.

In the current context of a climate emergency, an increase in social inequalities (aggravated by the digital divide) and a crisis in purchasing power, it was essential to provide a solution to the 11 million Belgians who, one by one, now have the opportunity to sell their smartphone, in a simple, secure and impactful way. It has never been easier to make money while doing something positive for the environment and society ! All you have to do is jump in!